Word Rabbit Science - Journal of the World Rabbit Sciencie Association

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International and National Congresses

World Rabbit Science provides free access to the abstracts of main International and National Rabbit Congresses published in our journal. Here appears ordered by congresses:

International Congress

International Meeting or Conferences

Rabbit Congress of the Americas

World Rabbit Congress

  • 6th World Rabbit Congress. 1996. Toulouse. France.
  • 7th World Rabbit Congress. 2000. Valencia. Spain.
  • 8th World Rabbit Congress. 2004. Puebla. Mexico.
  • 9th World Rabbit Congress. 2008. Verona. Italy.

National Congress

Symposium on housing and diseases of rabbits, furbearing animals and pet animals. Celle. Germany.
9th Syposium Nederlands  10th  11th  12th 

International Symposium on Rabbit Science APEZ. Portugal.
3rd  4th 

Giornate di Coniglicoltura ASIC. Italy.
1st  2nd 

Hungarian Conference on Rabbit Production. Hungary.
11th  12th  13th  14th  15th  16th  17th  18th  19th 

Symposium de Cunicultura ASESCU. Spain.

Journées de la Recherche Cunicole. France.
6émes  7émes  8émes  9émes  10émes  11émes  12émes