Word Rabbit Science - Journal of the World Rabbit Sciencie Association

Electronic ISSN: 1989-8886


Impact of this Journal

  • 2008: 0.863
  • 2009: 0.453
  • 2010: 0.660
  • 2011: 0.698
  • 2012: 0.620

The Impact Factor has obtained an forWorld Rabbit Science, placing the journal in the second third of the "Agriculture, Dairy and Animal Science" Category in position 34 of 54.

The Editorial Office relieves that this may be considered "a good result" if we compare it with other journals with a long track record in JCR that usually publish rabbit science papers.

If we consider this impact factor value, the short averagetime required to publish in our journal (a mean of 8 months from the submission to the final publication) and the certainty that the papers are always reviewed by rabbit science specialists, World Rabbit Science must be considered an adequate alternative to bear in mind to disseminate your knowledge.