Word Rabbit Science - Journal of the World Rabbit Sciencie Association

Electronic ISSN: 1989-8886



Statistical guide:

World Rabbit Science recommend to follow the statistical guidelines proposed by Animal, journal born from the collaboration of 3 prestigious European organisations (BSAS, INRA and EAAP) and merging 3 European scientific journal: Anim. Sci., Anim. Res. and Reprod. Nutr. Dev.


Ethical Policy:

World Rabbit Science does not publish work that it views as having resulted in unnecessary pain, distress or other forms of suffering to experimental animals.Any experimental work published by World Rabbit Science must have been conducted in accordance with relevant national legislation and recommendations relating to the use of animals for experimental purposes.

For this purpose, World Rabbit Science recommends to follow the ethical guidelines for animal formulated by the British Society of Animal Science.